In our recent blog series that covers Identity and Access Management (IAM), we explore how improving IAM processes can unlock the potential of your organisation, why implementing IAM is not just about technology and what you should consider when planning IAM improvements.Day 1 of IAM improvements

The decision to go ahead with developing an IAM strategy for your organisation, or to improve your current access controls can be justified by weighing up the challenges and benefits of IAM.

To help you further with your thinking please read the Savanti IAM service overview.  IAM strategy and implementation experts at Savanti can guide you through the process of developing and executing an IAM strategy, navigating you through all the areas that need to be considered and show you how to prioritise and address these or lead your whole programme for you.

We have recently completed extensive IAM work with one of our larger clients, a leading physical security provider.

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Operating in numerous countries, they were working to modernise their management of digital identities and protect their business against potential cyber risks during a phase of rapid growth. They enlisted the support of Savanti to provide IAM expertise and deliver a platform that made the management and governance of every digital identity simple, within a diverse and dynamic organisation. 

With a large global field-based workforce it was imperative to provision employees with access to the resources they needed to deliver on commitments to keep their customers safe.


Using an agile delivery framework, we quickly established existing identity management procedures and developed a roadmap to enhance capabilities, increase automation and implement the latest security controls, giving our client confidence in their rapid growth and product innovation in a quickly changing and challenged world. 


We were able to replace old technology with a leading SaaS Identity Management platform, providing identity governance for employees in a complex technology environment. 

Working across Cloud and traditional environments, the new solution integrates with the HR workforce management system to correlate system access to known identities. In implementing regular reviews of access to business-critical systems, automating account provisioning/de-provisioning and giving employees the ability to manage their own access, our client is placing identity security at the centre of its overall security strategy. 

Business benefits delivered

By implementing the ideal IAM platform for our client, we not only gave them confidence in their identity security but there have been plenty of other benefits too, for example:

  • Time saving by using the automated changes function to systems access for joiners, movers or leavers 

  • Cost efficiencies by reducing employee access and in turn licence fees 

  • Time for higher priority activities as laborious identity tasks are removed from service desks

  • Getting it right the first time by using scripted automation enabling the movement of people up the value chain

  • Compliance ease in producing audit reports and keeping the auditors happy with quicker but necessary approvals for access control

Whatever your IAM requirements might be, whether it is knowing who has got access to which system, making sure that employee access is based on business justifications and specific duties or just making sure that employees have the correct access, Savanti are here to help you. 

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