Successful companies are often made up of great people!

Developing an IAM strategy

Developing an Identity and Access Management (IAM) strategy to control systems’ access is a critical part of an organisation’s security posture.

Without good IAM controls and processes, your sensitive data and IP could easily fall into the wrong hands and undermine otherwise well-secured companies.  

When planning for an IAM programme, think beyond the obvious security and audit reasons and look at other reasons why investment in IAM should be a priority. Key identity and access management controls can be a great enabler for change, or a source of delay, frustration, security risk and can ultimately harm your organisation.  

Considering the full benefits of IAM - beyond the obvious - can help develop a more rounded and complete business case for investment. For stakeholders and decision-makers that are not solely focused on security, the case based on compelling and relatable benefits needs to be made.

IAM and employee retention

What differentiates companies that succeed from those that fail is very complex. However, it is commonly accepted that the quality of people within a company make a huge, perhaps, critical difference. If we accept that success is closely related to attracting and retaining great people, it would make sense that anything that improves employee experience and productivity is a good thing!

The quality of a company's IAM solution is not the first thing people think of when considering why companies succeed. However, poor onboarding processes and difficulty getting access to the right systems and data would be cited if disengaged and frustrated employees were interviewed. If those same disengaged employees were also the most talented, their departure would drive extra cost, erode the greatness of a company, or stop it from being excellent in the first place.

Talented employees, that help drive organisations forward are a rare and valuable commodity. Like all valuable commodities, they are in great demand and will improve company value, so long as they are retained. The expectations of employees, like customers, for frictionless always-on access to the services they need, has never been higher. For the brightest stars to shine you have to create processes that magnify them and make them want to stay!

Businesswoman holding tablet pc entering password. Security concept

Don’t go it alone

The challenges and benefits of IAM can be confusing and takes the experience of IAM strategy and implementation experts to help you streamline your journey, gain buy-in and avoid common pitfalls. Using an external partner can ultimately save you money by relying on trusted advisors who have been through the difficult process of designing, implementing and embedding IAM business change, tools and processes before.

Savanti have a team of experienced IAM specialists who have developed a proven delivery framework. They will guide you through the influencing, decision making, implementation and embedding steps necessary to mobilise and drive your programme to ensure early and continuous benefits from your investment. 

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