In our blog series on security assessments, we explored how assessments can be used to prioritise the 'known knowns' of cyber security risks, what makes them effective, and what drives the need for an assessment.

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The decision to go ahead and conduct a security assessment for your organisation can be justified by weighing up the benefits. To help you streamline and shape an effective assessment read our cyber security assessment overview for key considerations for running an assessment and a summary of what Savanti can do to help.

Remember, you should be proactive rather than reactive to a security breach to ensure your cyber risk can be eliminated and loopholes blocked before damage is done to your systems.

Is there a security assessment that will help you meet your requirements?

A well-known premier league football club, one of Savanti's current clients, were looking to rate their existing cyber security versus a recommended level of information security maturity and needed to prioritise the uplift of their information security capability and drive security.

Savanti conducted an information security baseline assessment for them using their own Cyber Security Controls Framework. This model enabled a structured approach to assessing all aspects of the client’s information security and scoring against a recommended target maturity.

A detailed analysis of the client’s cyber security was provided by Savanti which included a visual security scorecard and a detailed security assessment report with prioritised and actionable recommendations in order to set the direction for a programme of improvements.

“I consider Savanti to be my trusted advisor in the true sense of the word. Security is a complex, multi-faceted discipline and Savanti has always taken a pragmatic approach.  Their flexibility in bringing in the right experts when required has been a great benefit.  However, what I have appreciated above all is their personal touch, truly understanding what I have been aiming to achieve, and responding to the last-minute requests graciously. IT Director, Premier League Football Club.

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Savanti client Anthony Nolan has also engaged the cyber security assessment service in order to meet their information security requirements.

This pioneering blood cancer charity had been working to define and map their digital journey in support of their organisational strategy as an ongoing focus on strengthening infrastructure, improving capability and planning for the future. They wanted to obtain an initial cyber security assessment, so they enlisted the support of Savanti.

As a charity which manages a stem cell registry, Anthony Nolan processes some of the most special categories of personal data. From a security point of view, it was imperative for them to adequately handle the data of people who could one day, donate stem cells to patients in need of lifesaving transplants.

Anthony Nolan chose Savanti to implement their security assessment which they needed in order to deliver a clear view of their information security risks, gaps and required actions. 

“Savanti understand Anthony Nolan’s mission to save and improve the lives of patients with blood cancer and blood disorders and have worked closely with us to ensure their services are tailored to our specific requirements.  We appreciate their openness to collaborate – both with us and our suppliers – as well as willingness to share good practice and insights to build our knowledge and to help us achieve our objectives. While working with Savanti and their ‘Security as a Service’ we have been able to improve our approach to information security.  By combining expertise with a pragmatic approach, Savanti have enabled us to focus on priority initiatives in an efficient and cost-effective way”. Danny Attias, Chief Digital and Information Officer at Anthony Nolan

In conclusion, whatever is driving your commitment to cyber security and if you are concerned about the ‘unknown unknowns’ within your organisation, Savanti have the expertise to deliver an effective and highly valuable assessment that; most importantly, reflects your desired organisational objectives.

Look out for Savanti's next service campaign starting later in the New Year. With the new normal of working from home becoming the long-term ambition, we need to adopt a culture that supports this and think about how it affects remote security.

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