What is the Digital Marketplace?

Put simply, G-Cloud is a set of straightforward and legally compliant frameworks which enable public sector organisations to buy services quicker and more efficiently than traditional procurement methods.

Central government is required to consider using G-Cloud first, and strongly recommends that it is used by public bodies that are carrying out ICT procurements.  G-Cloud is often termed as a “pay as you go” approach to buying IT in the public sector and is seen as a way to significantly reduce IT costs for buyers.

What does G-Cloud mean for organisations like Savanti?

Savanti is an approved supplier for G-Cloud 12, which is the latest iteration of this purchasing framework, and enables UK public sector organisations to review and purchase through one online marketplace. 

What is Savanti able to offer on the G-Cloud?

Savanti presents 9 services from the Cloud Support category;

How has G-Cloud the ability to be so efficient and effective?

The framework has good visibility, allowing the public sector to buy cloud-based digital services off the shelf, avoiding lock-in to expensive contracts with single suppliers.  It encourages cost-effective, innovative and flexible solutions, offering a marketplace where SMEs can compete and present their services directly alongside the ‘bigger players.’ 

Other G-Cloud benefits include:

  • Actively encouraging innovation with supplier dialogue, covering the services they offer, rather than how they meet a brief
  • Offering a “pay as you go” approach to buying IT in the public sector - reducing IT costs for buyers as part of the process
  • Providing a less arduous and expensive procedure for buyers, with the ability to cut to the chase with suppliers that have previously passed a rigorous process to prove their credibility and suitability
  • Listing supplier services coherently - with full details and price – you do not have to wait until the end of the process to get an idea of costings.
  • Offering the largest range of suppliers compared to any other framework
  • Including the latest services and suppliers as they re-tender and update the framework regularly
  • Ensuring there are no hidden charges.  Prices, terms and services are shown clearly up front
  • Encouraging direct dialogue with the suppliers

How do I use the G-Cloud?

  • Search with key terms or requirements
  • Select suppliers that meet your high-level criteria and develop a long list
  • Review the selection in more detail and make comparisons using the ‘item properties list’
  • Develop a short list of suppliers
  • Evaluate
  • Complete the order form and call off contract

Another great thing about G-Cloud is the ability to try lots of different options to see what works best for you - meeting your needs.  It’s a really straight forward process! 

We would be happy to support you on your G-Cloud journey.  Check out Savanti on the Digital Marketplace or get in touch at