Maritime Cyber Security with Label IconThe risk to cyber security is very real in the maritime world, both on and off-shore. Vessels (from super-yachts to tankers), ports and marinas are an attractive target and the threats are significant; attacks on control systems, failure of critical systems, navigation interference, covert surveillance, blocking of communications, ransom attacks, theft of business data and exposure of private information.

The experience and expertise offered by the maritime specialists at Savanti can provide a tailored approach to the defence against cyber attacks and keep the complex system safe and secure.

Services we offer include:

• Cyber security risk assessment – remote/quayside/on-board
• Review of new-build vessel specs and testing
• Installation of proprietary products to protect IT and OT
• Incident handling and remedial work
• Cyber security compliance
• Supply/3rd party assurance
• Crew vetting & training
• Insider threat protection using military technology
• Technical Counter Surveillance Measures (TCSM) to find eavesdropping devices
• Autonomous platform threat (air & surface) detection and countermeasure options
• Cyber security protection – marina/port/offshore
• Aligning to the BIMCO guidelines on cybers safety and security onboard ships.

Superyacht Cyber Security

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